torstai 31. joulukuuta 2009 has more lenders than loans

I tried to reloan some of my credit, but I encountered a pleasant surprise:

"Kiva is constantly receiving new loans for funding from our microfinance Field Partners all around the world. Due to press, new features, or outreach efforts, at times we have more lenders visiting Kiva than we have loans available to fund. At these times there may be only a small number of fundraising loans on this page. However, this is always a temporary situation, as our Field Partners post new loans in need of funding on an hourly basis. So, if there are only a few loans available, please check back soon! Kiva's volunteers are working hard to translate new loan requests as fast as possible, and our Field Partners are always excited to see loans funded so quickly!"

Kiva has more lender money than loans. Wow.

In Finnish: kehitysmaiden ihmisille mikrolainoja tarjoava palvelu on törmännyt mielenkiintoiseen ongelmaan: (tarjolla olevia) lainan tarvitsijoita on vähemmän kuin lainaajilla on tarjolla rahaa. Hieno homma!

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  1. Note: new loans are updated continuously updated into website. Few page reloads in 15 minutes and you can loan your money to someone in need.