torstai 7. lokakuuta 2010

Circuit Analysis: DC Circuits

I just published my lecture slides on DC Circuit Analysis at Slideshare:

My goal is to publish all my course material with open licences so that everyone can use them. Sharing the material on the internet has several benefits:
  • A Finnish proverb: "Jaettu ilo on kaksinkertainen ilo" which means "Shared joy is double the joy."
  • Getting feedback and spotting mistakes and therefore improving the slides.
  • A teacher who lectures a course on circuit analysis but has no time to prepare slides, can use my slides. And maybe when (s)he makes his own course material, (s)he remembers that it was nice that someone shared his material with an open licence and therefore (s)he will decide to do the same.
  • When I share my material, I do have better motivation to produce better material. No one does want to share lousy material on the internet.
  • When many teachers will share their material, they can compare and take good ideas from each other. Everyone wins.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Hi Vesa. Our lecturer is using your slide to teach us circuit analysis. It is great and useful for self learners and you have provided links to lots of practice materials which most are in finnish unfortunately. I hope that you will teach us some day hehe.

    From TXA12S1

    1. Nice to hear that someone is using my slides. When I have time, I will translate my material in English too.