lauantai 30. marraskuuta 2013

Finland falls from PISA top ten - computer games and parents are blamed (not our teacher education as in times of PISA success)

Now it's official - Finland falls from PISA-list, the source of all hype around Finnish education system. The report is to be published on Tuesday, but the press has accessed the report. According to the largest Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, mainly Asian countries and Estonia have dropped Finland from top-10 of PISA.

Why did this happen? In other magazine, the editor-in-chief of Finnish Teacher-magazine blames the parents of the children and one emeritus professor blames computer games and internet. Duh. The other PISA countries don't have internet or smartphones, right?

There is still one voice of reason: in the same article, professor Kirsti Lonka compares Finnish school to Nokia: it was good but but we just relied on the fact and did nothing despite the world has changed.

Nevertheless, there probably is no single reason for the drop. Increasing child poverty might be one reason, for example.

It's kind of funny that when Finland topped the PISA list, the official reason was our schooling system and especially our teacher education. Now, there is no word of them...

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